10 Minecraft Challenges to Get Your Gamer Thinking

Minecraft is a popular video game where gamers can build and create like with Legos. There’s a survival mode where players forage for material and create from what they gather. There is also a creative mode where players are given access to all material in the game and the only objective is to create!

My kiddos LOVE playing this game. It stretches their imagination and teaches them to plan and build. It’s like giving them virtual Legos, unlimited bricks and no tiny pieces for me to step on!

If you have little gamers, like I do, turn mindless game time into a brain bending challenge! They are fun and thought provoking! It’s amazing what these kids come up with. To add to the challenge give a time limit.

Without further ado….

10 Minecraft Challenges to Get Your Gamer Thinking

#1 – Who can make the best tree from scratch?

Sounds like an easy task, but your child’s creativity can real spark on this one. Planted trees don’t count. Use any material they want. For extra point, include a tree house!

#2 – Who can build the best ship?

Have you child pick a type of ship to build and recreate it in the game! Whether it’s a pirate ship, sail boat, or cruise ship, see what your child can come up with!

#3 – Design a unique house using only a 16 x 16 x 16 block area

Determine with your child what the minimum requirements for your house should be: number of rooms, type of rooms, theme, etc.

#4 – Design a self-portrait statue

Pick a fun skin for Steve and build a giant Steve statue that looks like you!

#5 – Create your dream house

Basketball court. Indoor pool. Anything is possible when money is not an option! Let you child create the home of their dreams!

#6 – Design a full working farm

Determine the minimum requirements for this challenge: number of buildings, fields, etc; types of animals; barn; farmhouse; crops; etc.

#7 – Design a restaurant within a 16 x 16 x 16 block area

Include all essentials for a restaurant: kitchen, dining area, tables, chairs, etc.

#8 – Create your own personal village from scratch

Include houses with neighbors, stores, school, and neighborhood buildings

#9 – Build a Minecraft castle and defenses

Research types of castles and try to build a close to accurate Minecraft castle. Include moat, towers, and rooms!

#10 – Create a self sustaining underground bunker with hidden door

Include food sources, safe rooms, kitchen, and hidden door

Take it a step farther and bring these challenges to life!

If you are a gamer too, challenging you child and setting a one hour time limit is a great way to spend some time together!

Think outside the Xbox and take these challenges to Legos! You may amazed at what your child comes up with!

Have fun creating!!

If you decide to do any of these challenges with your kids (or even for yourself 😉 ) take a screenshot and share it in the comments!

As always, thank you for joining me on this journey!

See you at the next step!

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