New Projects and Window Display!

My hands are absolutely covered in marker, paint, school glue, hot glue residue, pom pom fuzz, pipe cleaner pokes, and glitter. These battle wounds can only mark the victory of a PROJECT WEEK! Our daycare kids are all going to be out of town for the holidays, so I had to make sure we were … Read more

Christmas Tree Project

Yesterday we did a great Christmas Tree Project with the kids!  We decided to make this a 3-D project and broke out the fun crafting bins. We used foam circle stickers, small pom poms for the little ones, beads for the older kids, and pasta. I noticed with the Littles they were having a hard … Read more

Project Day!

We had a great day today! We caught up on all our projects that have needed a little time to finished and even started a few more! Below you’ll see two new projects: Reindeer Wreath and Snowflakes!We also updated our Big Tree to match the season! Check it out! We combined two templates for this project. I added … Read more

Santa Project!

We did a cute Santa project with the kids last week! A simple cut and paste Santa makes for a quick, easy project and great quality time with the kids. I did this project with ages 3, 27 months, and 21 months and they did an AWESOME job! Since the little ones are a little … Read more