An open mind is a beautiful thing

     Confession time: When it comes to some things, I’m a perfectionist. (shocking, right?) If things don’t look right or feel right, I just can’t handle it. I like things a certain way and until I find my way, I obsess over it.      I’ve been a classroom teacher in my district for 10 … Read more

Pizza and Pumpkins

Today was Letter P day in preschool. And how appropriate for it to be so close to Halloween! One of the key principles I build my preschool on is to provide kids every opportunity to experience all life has to offer. When I sit down to do these lessons or update projects on the site, it always … Read more

Parenting: My Philosophy

Parenting is tough. Parenting is no joke. It a huge responsibility to take care and raise another human being. It takes love, ingenuity, and an incredible amount of patience. Not just to handle each situation that comes your way, but to also realize that results of what we do as parents don’t show themselves immediately. … Read more

My Preschool

For those of you who have been with LGP all these years, you know this all began with the development of my preschool in 2010. What started as one student in my living room 3 days a week for 1 hour grew into a website, original projects and artwork design, the LGP store, and a … Read more

Most important is love

​    When dealing with children, I often wonder if I’m making the right choices. I tend to second guess myself. It is a huge responsibility to raise tiny humans to be decent people.  We read all of these conflicting things about how to best teach and shape them. Breast or bottle? Should we spank our kids … Read more

Life, Light Ice, and Caramel Drizzle

 Hello All! My name is Leanne Petitt! I am the founder of Little Genius Projects, and when I started, I never imagined LGP would blossom into this amazing site. Thank you so much to all of you who have made LGP a resource for you and helped carry us along to this point! Thank you! … Read more

It takes a village

    Parenting and teaching are two of the hardest jobs that I’ve ever had. You would think that if you are good at one, you’d be good at the other since they both involve educating and raising tiny humans. I will admit that the two jobs do lend to each other. I know that being … Read more