Generation Snowflake

The other night my husband and I were discussing some recent events with our son’s behavior and the methods that we have been using to deal with those events. This lead to us talking about how different certain generations are and how parenting styles contributed to those differences. During that conversation, he introduced me to … Read more

Airshow Madness

This month seriously feels like it is flying by. I swear it was just Halloween, and now I am suddenly in the last week of school before Thanksgiving break. I’m not complaining, but it seems like we are flying through the end of this year at break neck speed! ​     This past weekend, my son … Read more

Either Way, You’re Right

America is hurting. It’s evident everywhere you look. I, myself, got lost in the sea of negativity and doubt in the future. I don’t know when this feeling is going to pass, but as I look for answers to my questions about the future of my family, I see hateful messages everywhere I turn. Whether … Read more

It’s hard to stay mad

       Today has been an emotionally charged day for many. I’ve sat back and observed, as I often do. I have noticed a lot of things. I’ve noticed a lot of hate being spread on social media, as well as in the real world. I’ve noticed that people have great fear of the future and … Read more

Election Reflection

The votes came in and the results were shared. Now everywhere on social media you see messages promoting love and healing. Why? Because the heart of America was torn apart by this election. America was presented with a choice that rocked most voters to their core beliefs while being inundated with propaganda and social media fodder … Read more

What happened to October?

Whew! This month was a hectic one! 10 million and four things to accomplish.. and I’ve completed almost everything on my list! So now, it’s a Friday night, and I’ve got that amazing let down feeling you get after a long stint of working your butt off. I can grab a glass of wine, open … Read more

Collision of learning and play

      Today was the start of my after school tutoring group. This group consists of four boys who are five years old. They are struggling with learning letters and sounds, all of which I’ve taught in class. They are all making improvements, but some of them are taking longer. They are great kids with a … Read more

Celebrating 3 years!

Hello All!  First, we want to say thank you, thank you, THANK YOU to all of you who have made Little Genius Projects a success! We are coming up to three years running and we are so excited for all the neat things coming up for LGP! If you’re a regular to our site, you’ve … Read more


     I love holidays, I am that annoying person who wants to decorate a month early, and over decorate at that. If my husband would let me, my Christmas tree would already be up. I’m ready to bust out my Christmas shirts, change my Starbucks order to a peppermint latte, and crank up some Christmas … Read more