3 Simple Bedtime Hacks for a Smoother Bedtime

Our house is The Napping House.

We have the reputation of getting kids to sleep when we want them to, leaving more time for us grownups to do all the boring grownup stuff we have to do.

One of the questions I get a lot is…. HOW?!

So, here are 3 MORE simple things you can do to help make sleeping time easier for you.

(These tips are a continuation of 3 tips I shared last month! If you missed the first three… click here!)

3 Simple Bedtime Hacks for a Smoother Bedtime

#1 – Allow a few minutes before lights out time to wind down and get into bedtime mode

Just like adults need some down time to decompress, kids need it too! Their days are full of learning, growing, and exploring. That’s hard work!

To help your kiddos get in the bedtime zone, give them a chance to have some downtime to decompress and process through the day. I’ve found 5-10 minutes is good length to quiet the mind enough to have restful sleep.

We usually incorporate this time into our routine. It’s great paired with cuddle time or bedtime prayers.

This is also a really good time to calmly speak about any school or behavior troubles your child might be having. Opening the lines of communication when everything is calm is a great way to model good communication for your child.

I suggest no lectures or anger at this point as much as possible. Hopefully the situation would have been addressed before where the frustrations came out during the day. Instead make this a calm time to remind your child of the good they have inside them and that they can achieve good things if they put their minds to it.

Adding this to your nightly routine can help validate for your child that you believe in them and they are still loved even when they make mistakes.

We’ve practiced this with our oldest since he was about 5. Now as he’s entering his teenage years, he feels comfortable talking with us about anything going on in his life!

#2 – Turn off all electronic devices and screens at least 15-20 minutes before lights out time

Did you know the blue light in screens stimulate the mind and can make it harder for you to fall asleep and stay asleep?

Personal tablets are the growing trend for adults and kids. While they are very useful tools to use every day, take extra steps to make sure these devices don’t interfere with our basic needs.

If you opt to watch shows or let your kids use a tablet for their downtime, make sure they have NO SCREENS for at least 15-20 minutes BEFORE tucking them into bed. The blue light from the screen stimulates the brain and will make it harder for them to sleep.

Shutting off the screens also leaves space for the downtime mentioned above!

#3 – Aromatherapy

It’s a proven fact that smells can trigger automatic responses in our bodies. Use oil or scent diffusers to help your kids decompress and get ready to drift off to dreamland.

Lavender is a great go-to for relaxation and bedtime. However, just be diligent with the oils and scents you purchase. Some fragrances are flowery and can cause allergies (speaking from experience here!) so before you go all out and by up the lot, test it out with your kids first. If you see them sneezing or getting watery eyes or having trouble breathing when you’re diffusing, it may mean they have an allergy to the fragrance. Double check it your doctor if this happens!

Some of the oils we have used are: Lavender, Eucalyptus, Peppermint, and some DoTerra blends like Breathe and On Guard (my fave!)

Wax scent diffusers work great too! I tend to choose warmer smells for night time relaxation!

Give these three simple things a try and let us know the difference it makes!

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As always, thank you for joining me on this journey!

See you at the next step!

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