4 Awesome 15-Minute Family Fun Activities to Strengthen Family Bonds

There were so many times I thought good quality family time meant doing big weekend movie nights and family vacations.

Over the years, I’ve discovered that while those things are really nice additions to help with quality time, your family relationships grow stronger when you do something every day.

Daily time and effort spent working on family bonding time has so many benefits. For one, time spent together demonstrates to your kiddos the importance of family time. Also, fostering a better daily relationship helps create a strong bond with your kids so when rough patches happen, you will have the trust, love, and tenacity to work together to overcome it.

The best part is that they don’t have to be big things. You can put little twists on your every day activities that can turn errands into family team building experiences.

As they say: It’s the little things that count.

I know that all us parents lead busy and filled lives, so I put together a short list of fun 15-minute activities you can do with your family to boost your daily quality time.

4 awesome 15-minute family fun activities to strength family bonds

#1 – Read books complete with voices and silly noises

Aside from all the other benefits of reading with your child, this activity helps bond your family together through imagination, silliness, and a love of reading!

When we have our family reading time, we usually choose a chapter book that has a movie. We read a few pages in bigger books, like the Harry Potter series, or a chapter or two. If it’s a book we’re continuing, I always ask the kids to retell the story for me with little to no guided questions. This simple exercise helps your kids with reading comprehension!

Who would have thought 15 minutes could be so beneficial?

#2 – Silly photo shoot with filters and silly faces

“Come on everyone! Get together like you like each other!”

What better way to get the family together than squishing all together for a selfie photo shoot?

Make family photos more than just professional shots and pics around the table (totally MY family here haha!)!

Have a few with some good smiles, but make sure to throw some silly faces in there. Use filter apps to add even more fun to the mix. Not only will you bond through silliness, but you will passively teach your kids to be less self-conscious and to practice the ability to laugh at yourself. (See the featured photo at the top of the post!)

#3 – Family Mad Libs

Yes, I did say Mad Libs! The awesome, dorky fill in the blank word game! If you’ve never played it, you’re missing out!

This one will be easier as the kids get older, but, believe it or not, I started playing this with our kiddos when our youngest was three! You may need to explain the type of word the game is asking for and possibly provide a few examples, but you’ll be surprised at how into the game your children will be!

Each person of the family, except the proctor, takes a turn coming up with a word. Since potty humor is inevitably going to come out, I allow the kids to up to 3 “potty” type words, like bottom or poopy, every day we play. To add an additional intellectual challenge, we keep track of the words we use. If we fill out more than one story, the kids are not allowed to reuse any words from the last game.

After you’re done filling out the words, read the story aloud and get ready for the laughter!

This family fun activity sneaks the education part into it, which makes it PERFECT for us! Learning is best serves unawares!

Click on the Mad Libs picture to visit their official site and get more information!

#4 – 15 minute YouTube Yoga Warm-Up (or workout) Video

In our experience, this activity always ends up with most of the family splayed out on the floor, laughing our guts out. But if your babies fall in love with this, you will be teaching them very important lessons in staying healthy!

One of the biggest health challenges parents face is being able to make the time to exercise and workout. Well, use this fun activity to get your exercise as a family!

You can take this as seriously or silly as you want. There’s only ONE rule. Everyone must participate.

As a tip: Because you never know what you’ll find on YouTube, ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS screen the whole video before showing it to your kids. It’s a heck of a lot easier than trying to interrupt it when things go sour DURING the workout… That’s an experience for a different time…

Share the wealth!

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