Bat Friend


  • Bat Friend Template
  • Black construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue – liquid
  • Google eyes
  • Glitter


  1. Print out the Bat Friend Template.
    You can cut it out and trace the pieces on the black construction paper, or color the template itself.
  2. Accordion fold along the solid black lines of the wings to give your bat some fun dimensions.
  3. Glue the wings and ears to bat to the back of the circle.
  4. Glue google eyes or the eyes provided on the template to the front of the circle.
  5. Allow you child to draw designs on their bat with glue. Don’t forget your bat’s friendly smile!
  6. Sprinkle with glitter.

PARENT TIP: To add a little magic to this project, I don’t show my kids the glitter until after they make their design with glue. Then I say, “I’m going to sprinkle this magic dust see what will happen.” When the bat is covered in glitter, I say, “Ok, let’s see what will happen!” Then I pick up the bat and shake off the excess glitter to reveal their design. 

Click here to download PDF

Suggested project uses

This project can be used in the following ways:

  • Letter themed project 
  • You can tape your bat to the wall or tape a piece of yarn to the back of the bat and let it fly!
  • Use to get your house ready for Halloween!
  • Whatever you use this project for, remember to proudly display your child’s masterpiece!

Discussion suggestions:

Here is a list of things you can talk about while doing this project with your child:

  • Introduce Bat as a word that begins with the letter B. During your project you and your child can brainstorm other words that begin with B.
  • Discuss Bats as a nocturnal animal. You can talk about how bats have very poor eyesight but can hunt at night because of their excellent hearing.
  • Discuss scissor safety


While working on this project, your child will be practicing the following skills:

  • Fine motor (cutting and gluing)
  • Eye-Hand Coordination 
  • Imagination and Creation
  • Reading comprehension
  • Nonfiction work