Caught in the Crazy Life

2014 has certainly been a crazy year for us!

I haven’t been able to post any new projects since before Christmas… but I have a very good excuse! =)

After recovering from the holidays, the family had the lovely round of “Pass the Virus” for a couple weeks.. After that was thoroughly filtered out of the house (Thanks to Lysol, Clorox, Kleenex, and LOTS of chicken soup) we began preparing the house for a new arrival! 

On February 2, we welcomed a new little brother to our family!

Since then, it’s been a flurry of diapers and juggling six kids (4 of my own and 2 daycare) in a bittersweet attempt to get every one on a synchronized schedule. I thank God daily that he blessed me with a baby that loves to sleep at night! =)

Now with summer coming soon, my project brain is kicking back into gear to find more ways to keep little hands busy!

Hang in there with me while I sort through projects, experiments and activities while putting together games and worksheets you can download and buy! I will also be forming a blog with all our at-home adventures with Me Versus My Six, so please stay tuned and spread the word!

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