Celebrating 3 years!

Hello All! 

First, we want to say thank you, thank you, THANK YOU to all of you who have made Little Genius Projects a success! We are coming up to three years running and we are so excited for all the neat things coming up for LGP!

If you’re a regular to our site, you’ve probably noticed that updates and new project postings have slowed to a very sloooooooow crawl. We haven’t forgotten about LGP! We were actually swept up in trying to set up a way to make LGP a little bigger and better. LGP now has a design side called LGP Designs, where I have made custom graphic designs for different occasions, including invitations and party favors, band logos, and video editing. This side project gave me graphics and video experience that I will be bringing into Little Genius Projects. On top of this, I’ve also spent this last year creating new projects, testing old projects, and bringing more crew to the field with me. 

So, here are some things that you can look forward to:

  • Projects galore (of course!) – We have posted a few new projects. More always coming!
  • We have a new face on the LGP crew: Amanda! She is an amazing Kindergarten teacher! Check out her bio here
  • An updated blog corner! Two amazing blogs by Leanne and Amanda are featured in our blog corner. We’ll have categories for parents, teachers, and projects. We are all parents ourselves and we’ll share our experiences as we live out our philosophies! 
  • New worksheets and resources available for download
  • New experiment guidelines
  • We now have a Tip Jar! We love creating everything LGP has to offer for all of you! Now, we’re offering you a way to show your support if you like what you see on LGP. Visit our Support Us page where you can show some love for LGP. No products to buy or obligation to give. But, for those who love our projects and designs and want to help support development of future projects, designs, videos, and more, please throw a few dollars our way! Thank you for all you’ve done to make LGP a site we can be proud of!

Here are some things that are still in the works, but will be appearing soon:

  • Videos! We will have videos published with some of our projects showing each step and finished projects. Also be on the look out for videos featuring some of the teaching strategies I’ve incorporated into my preschool!
  • New lesson plans for preschool or beginning learners
  • New products and designs for our LGP Store

We are so excited to get this part of our project up and running! Subscribe to this blog or keep checking back to see what other exciting things you’ll discover with Little Genius Projects!

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