Crazy, wonderful December!

To say that the past month has gotten away from me is a complete under statement.
The time between Thanksgiving and Christmas is always super hectic. My district has parent teacher conferences, we are busy making parent gifts, we have our holiday spirit week, I celebrate my birthday, and we do tons and tons of projects. On top of all of this, my son got sick and then I got sick (during conference week no less!).
It has taken a few days, but I’m finally catching up and my sanity is steadily increasing. My cold is finally gone, my house work is caught up, the majority of my Christmas shopping is finished, and I have been able to get a bit of sleep. I still have to finish up my last bit of shopping for gifts and Christmas dinner fixings, and prepare for my son’s holiday party for preschool. I’m also hoping to do some type of fun holiday activity since the sickness hindered our ability to do anything.
     It has been a long haul this month. I keep forgetting that even though there is so much to do, I need to slow down and take it all in. Someday I will wake up and my son will be older. The magic of the Christmas season as he now sees it will be gone and I will wish that I had these crazy times back.
Hang in there. I know that it seems like a lot right now, but someday it will be much quieter and we will miss the loud, busy, and exciting experiences that this time of year brings. Embrace the madness, because it will be over too soon!

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