Ghost Decorations


  • White vinyl party tablecloth – doesn’t matter what size
  • String
  • Sharpie – washable markers DO NOT work for this project
  • White paper (method 1)
  • Additional materials for method 2: Styrofoam ball (2″ diameter), LED tea candle


Method 1

  1. Cut out a large rectangle from the tablecloth. I folded the tablecloth into sections for fast cutting and ended up with 13″ x 26″ pieces.
  2. Fold the rectangle piece in half, matching the shorter sides together (hamburger style)
  3. Have you child draw a ghost face on the tablecloth with a Sharpie. Washable markers will not work on this project because it will not stick to the vinyl.
  4. Have your child crumple white paper into a ball. Use as many sheets as necessary to get the size and shape you want.
  5. Drape the tablecloth over the ball of paper. 
  6. Tie the tablecloth with string to create head for your ghost. Leave enough string for hanging!
  7. Tape the string to the back of your ghost’s head as needed.

Method 2

  1. Follow steps 1-3 above.
  2. Use a Styrofoam ball as the shape of the head. 
  3. Drape the tablecloth and tie off with the string. 
  4. (OPTIONAL) To add a little glow to your ghost, press the Styrofoam ball onto the “flame” of an LED candle. Make sure your candle is LED!! Any other light source will be a fire hazard!

Suggested project uses

This project can be used in the following ways:

  • Letter themed project 
  • Use this project as Halloween Decorations!
  • Use with a Halloween book that has ghosts. 
  • Whatever you use this project for, remember to proudly display your child’s masterpiece!

Discussion suggestions:

Here is a list of things you can talk about while doing this project with your child:

  • Talk about your Halloween traditions with your child! 
  • Talk to your child about their feelings about ghosts. Whether or not ghosts may be real. There’s no right or wrong answer here. But this is a great opportunity to share with your child what beliefs you’d like to pass on. 
  • Address their fears about ghosts or Halloween if needed
  • Most importantly, have fun with this project! We had the kids making eerie ghost sounds and flying them around the room! 


While working on this project, your child will be practicing the following skills:

  • Fine motor
  • Eye-Hand Coordination 
  • Gross motor
  • Imagination and Creation
  • Pretend play
  • Holidays and tradition