Halloween Luminaries


  • Paper lunch sacks
  • Paper for templates – any color
  • Tissue paper – any color
  • Pencil
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • LED Tea Candle



SVG Files for Cricut Design Center

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Method 1:

  1. Print out the templates for your luminaries and cut out the centers of the pictures.
  2. Cut your paper to fit onto the front of your paper bag
  3. Glue it in place

Method 2: (featured picture)

I wanted the designs to show during the day in a colorful way.

A little extra work, but worth the effect!

  1. Print the templates and cut out the center of the pictures to make a stencil.

    Trace the image onto a paper bag.

    NOTE: I uploaded the above SVG files into my Cricut Design Center. I used the draw feature and had the Cricut draw the image onto the paper bag.

    Then cut the centers of the pictures on your paper bag.

2. Cut a piece of tissue paper big enough to cover your image.

Then, using the tip of your finger, spread a little liquid glue around the inside edges of your image.

Slide the tissue paper inside the bag and glue to the inside of the image.

3. Place an LED candle inside to light it up!

During the day you’ll see the tissue paper color come thru!

Suggested project uses

This project can be used in the following ways:

  • These bags make a fun Halloween decoration for your windows or porches. 
  • Use this project with a lesson about shadows. Show that the light is making the picture because the bag is blocking the light, like a shadow does.

Discussion suggestions:

Here is a list of things you can talk about while doing this project with your child:

  • Gross and Fine motor skills
  • Negative images
  • Holidays and traditions
  • Science: Shadow play
  • Imagination


While working on this project, your child will be practicing the following skills:

  • Fine motor
  • Eye-Hand Coordination 
  • Imagination and Creation
  • Trees and nature/science