Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone!

It was an exciting year for us because for the first time, we actually planned ahead for Halloween!

I’m usually that parent that’s running to Walmart at 11 o’clock at night October 30th trying to figure out what to buy the kids for costumes, grab whatever candy is leftover, and trying to rustle up some decorations… but not this year!!

Between the daycare, preschool, the website, and the online courses I’m taking, I had to get a little creative with the Halloween decorations this year. My challenge was to think of things to make that didn’t break the bank, didn’t take the whole day to do, and would be simple enough for 3-4 year olds to be able to do mostly independently. While I love pumpkin carving, this year was not as time permitting as we would have liked it to be!

So this is what we came up with:

Halloween Luminaries

I love the look of luminaries and have always wanted to make some of my own. So this year I buckled down and created some great Halloweeny designs.

For the intricate designs shown here, this would definitely be a grownup or older child project. But, you could also make a cute pumpkin luminary with your younger ones by letting them glue together a face using shapes like the ones below in the Jack o Lanterns project. When you put the light into the bag, it will still shine, and the shapes will create the shadows of the face!

We hung our luminaries in our window with clear tape. With a flickering LED tea candle inside, these made for some fun, floating, Halloween magic. You can see them a little bit in the pictures below!

Click here for full instructions

Jack o Lanterns

Even though we couldn’t carve real pumpkins this year, I still wanted the kids to have a pumpkin to take home anyway. So I created these fun shapes and cut them out on my Cricut.

This year, because I was able to use my Cricut to help me cut, I brought this project to my son’s class for their Halloween party. The kids LOVED their pumpkins! So this project is great for at home in the classroom!

The funnest part for me is seeing the different personalities of all my kiddos coming out in their projects. All of these students got the same instruction and each one looks different. It’s the kind of results you hope for when you’re designing a project, and I wasn’t let down!

Click here for full instructions on how to make your own jack o’lantern!


I saw the pack at the store to make the plastic bag ghosts to hang up in your tree. So I decided to try to recreate them at home. I was pumped because I’m always looking for ways to reuse things rather than throw them out. Since we shop regularly, I have a mountain of plastic bags to use. It was then I realized, in that whole pile of bags, not a single one of them were plain white. I had plenty that were gray and yellow and had designs all over them. But I couldn’t find more than a couple that could pass for plain white and not look like part of a grocery sack. So I had to rethink my strategy. Thankfully my husband (who’s used to my projecting moods) found an extra white vinyl party tablecloth. Here’s what we made! 

Click here for full instructions for this project!


Halloween wouldn’t be complete without a spider or two! Instead of using our classic Spider Friend project, this year I opted for a more craftsy spider. It’s amazing what a paper clip, a Styrofoam ball, paint, and pipe cleaners can create!

This project needed a little adult intervention to make all the spider parts secure and to add the string for hanging, but still super fun for the kids to put together.

As a note, regular glue did not stick onto the Styrofoam as well or as quickly as we wanted. So to help the project be ready for hanging and playing with sooner, I had the kids glue the eyes on with regular glue just to get the positioning of the eyes in place. Then I went back with hot glue after class and made sure the eyes were secure. I was careful to keep the eyes exactly where my kids placed them because it’s part of the personality of the spiders! 

Super fun project to do and the kids love having a spider friend to pull around!

Click here for full instructions for this project

We are so excited about all the new Halloween projects for this year! The only decorations we bought were a couple strings of bat lights and a package of LED ghost balloons. The rest were homemade! All the decorations went perfectly with our traditional Halloween glow stick and bubble dance party. Most importantly, all the kids and everyone that stopped by our house this year, had a blast!

Featured Family Photo

If you’re wondering about our costumes this year, we decided to go more homemade for that too! Recently our littler ones got into the show PJ Masks and were begging to be the three heroes for Halloween. When my husband and I looked for the costumes, it was going to cost us $40/costume. For some people, that’s something doable for them. But having 4 kids to get costumes for makes that price pretty steep for us. So we had a talk with the kiddos and challenged them to try to dress like the characters they wanted, but using as many things from around the house as we could.

We got lucky and found a set of all three PJ Mask character masks on Amazon that came with capes for under $20! My daughter found pink long sleeve pajamas to complete her costume. Our little Cat Boy found a blue striped shirt and blue sweatpants to complete his look. And our Gecco used Super Gecco Camouflage to finish his costume with camo pants and shirt. 

What are heroes without villains? This costume idea steadily became a family theme. Three heroes, meet the three villains: Romeo the mad genius, Luna girl, and Night Ninja.

Face paint, tempera paint, some old clothes and little imagination brought this family costume together! 

Next up is Thanksgiving! Keep a look out for some great Thanksgiving projects and keepsakes!

Happy Projecting!

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