I Never Knew Coffee Could Do That!

Coffee, for many parents, is a daily staple.

For me, personally, I drink it on occasion. However what really gets me is the smell and coffee flavored yummy treats. Mmmm…..

This week, I learned something that makes me love coffee even more!

The story

My husband found a great deal on a desk for my at-home office. It fit perfectly, looked great, and was the perfect size for my work. Only downside was that it had the slight smell of smoke, like someone smoked in the house.

It didn’t seem like a big deal at the time, so we bought the desk and got it in the room. By the end of the day, the whole office smelled like cigarettes.

My usual go-to for stinky smells is baking soda. But we opened the cupboard to take some out and NOTHING!

So we turned to Google.

And discovered…

Coffee grounds are a natural deodorizer just like baking soda!

I was shocked to say the least, but most of all, I wanted to try it! 

So I poured some fresh grounds into a cup and left it open topped on my desk. I also poured a little into little holders for each drawer. And guess what…

The smoke smell went away!

I was shocked!

So, my scientist mind started whirring and I decided to test the powers of coffee grounds as deodorizers.

Putting it to the test

Fishy Hands

I cooked a yummy Golden Pompano fish dinner and made sure to get the fish all over my hands. Fishy smells are very difficult to get rid of simply by washing your hands with hand soap. I’ve always used fresh lemons to help break down the smell. Tonight, I used a little bit of coffee grounds to rub all over my hands before washing with soap.

Result: Fishy smell gone!

Smelly Fridge

We are terrible at using our fresh veggies before they go bad, so our fridge always has a slightly off smell. I put a small bowl of coffee grounds inside overnight.

Result: Off smell is gone and now our fridge has a slight coffee smell which I definitely prefer!

Diaper Pail

Now this was the piece de resistance. My husband tossed his used coffee grounds into the diaper pail…

Any who is a parent knows what a diaper pail smells like…

By the end of the night…

Result: NO SMELL! Gross, but I stuck my face close to the open trash can and I couldn’t smell anything!

UPDATE – April 3, 2018 – Since I wrote this, we have been consistently tossing our used coffee ground in the diaper trash 1-2 times a week. Now, our kids can throw stuff away in the trash WITHOUT stinking up the whole room! I wish I knew this four kids ago! I would have put coffee on our baby registry!! Haha!

The diaper pail has me sold!

I read some articles where people use coffee grounds in camping coolers and closets for deodorizing. 

In the articles there was some debate about fresh versus used grounds. I found that you can use either! Fresh grounds have a stronger coffee smell. So if you’re like me, you might like it! But I also don’t like to waste anything, so it’s okay to brew the coffee and use the used grounds for deodorizing afterward. Just make sure the grounds are completely dried out before putting them in a sachet or old sock to prevent molding and staining! As a quick note the grounds we tossed in the diaper trash were wet and it still worked wonders!

As always, thank you for joining me on this ever growing and learning journey!

See you at the next step!

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