It’s hard to stay mad

       Today has been an emotionally charged day for many. I’ve sat back and observed, as I often do. I have noticed a lot of things. I’ve noticed a lot of hate being spread on social media, as well as in the real world. I’ve noticed that people have great fear of the future and the unknown. I’ve noticed that many people are sad over the state of things, and I’ve noticed that some are hopeful. I’ve noticed people who are ready to fight, and people who are shamelessly gloating. But I’ve also noticed that despite all of this, the world is still a beautiful place with so many good people.

​       Picking up the broken pieces of our society is going to be hard, if it Is even possible at all. While I agree that we need to work on spreading love, it is going to be so much more than that. We must put ourselves into other peoples’ shoes, and open our hearts to each other. We need to understand that every person is facing their own challenges, and we need to be tolerant of that. Most of all, we can’t forget that we all want the same things: safety, security, love, justice, and happiness. Spreading hate will accomplish absolutely nothing. No matter who you voted for or what you believe, we all have a common purpose. We want to enhance the beauty of the world so that our children have a future that is full of love, happiness, and success. Even though we all have different ideas of how to obtain that future, it is a common purpose that can and should unite us all.

       I have made a promise to myself that no matter what happens, I will do my best be a vehicle of God’s love. When my students walk into my classroom, they will always know that they are safe and valued. My home will be a refuge for all that are invited in. It will be a haven for my family that is filled with love and security.

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