Jack o’Lanterns


  • Jack o’Lantern Template
  • Construction paper – Orange, black, green
  • Glue stick


  1. Print out the Jack o lantern template.
  2. You can have your child color the shapes on the template or cut out the shapes and trace them onto construction paper.
  3. Cut out all the parts of the jack o’lantern
  4. Glue the pieces in place

Note: It’s fun to see how your child puts their faces together! I told my kiddos what each piece was meant to be used for and let them to the gluing! It gives each pumpkin it’s own little personality.

Click here for PDF

Suggested project uses

This project can be used in the following ways:

  • Halloween project to supplement a Halloween lesson plan
  • Supplement a shapes lesson: crescents and triangles
  • To make fun Halloween decorations for doors, bulletin boards, and around your house.
  • You could even use this project to teach your child about parts of a face!
  • Whatever you use this project for, remember to proudly display your child’s masterpiece!

Discussion suggestions:

Here is a list of things you can talk about while doing this project with your child:

  • Discuss Halloween traditions and where they came from.
  • The life cycle of a pumpkin
  • Compare and contrast between the different shapes you’re using.
  • Discuss the parts of the face and what each part if used for: eyes, nose, mouth, teeth


While working on this project, your child will be practicing the following skills:

  • Fine motor
  • Eye-Hand Coordination
  • Imagination and Creation
  • Holidays/traditions