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Other great educational sites I’ve used

We are not affiliated with the following sites in any way.
The listed sites are useful sites I’ve used to help with lesson plans, worksheets, and as resources. Some are free. Some require registration to see their projects and ideas. Some are paid sites. Please support them as well

To Become a Teacher

A great resource and community support for your journey to become a great teacher! Check it out!


First-School Preschool

This site was where I first started printing worksheets and getting project ideas!

Reading A-Z

This site requires a subscription, but it is well worth the money if you utilize all the resources available on this site. They have leveled books available for printing and lesson plans and worksheets related to the books on the site. A lot of schools in our area use this resource in their classrooms!

Enchanted Learning

This site takes a subscription to access most of its projects, but it has a lot of great ideas!

Free and printable math worksheets and math tools for Pre-K to 12

Thanks Phoebe for reaching out with this one!

Math Worksheets Land – ready to print math worksheets!


Open Ed Common Core Math Games

A great place to find fun math games for K-12! Common core aligned! Thanks Beth Mason for sharing this link! =)

Common Core Sites

Common Core Standards
Common Core Sheets
On this website teachers can create worksheets that are compliant with the common core standards.

Fun Sites

The following sites are not educational sites, but please visit them and you may find something you like!


This is where we bought out butcher paper for the giant trees! Super fast shipping!

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