Look at those Leaves! Trees


  • Any color construction paper – 2
  • Coffee filter
  • Spray bottle
  • Black Construction paper
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Table protector – Craft tray or plastic cover
  • Washable markers – desired colors


1. Color the pattern you would like to see on your tree. 

2. Place your colored paper on a craft tray or protected surface. 

Place your coffee filter over the colored area and spray with water until entire surface is wet.

Be careful to not over saturate the filter with water. 

Set aside on a flat surface to dry completely.

3. While your filter is drying, cut out trunk shapes from black construction paper.

4.  Cut out your desired shape for your leaves from the now colored coffee filter.

5. Glue the filter on a blank piece of construction paper. Then glue the trunk on top of the leaves. 

Suggested project uses

This project can be used in the following ways:

  • You can use this project for fall themes, tree themes, or color themes. 
  • For season themes, you could show the different season by coloring the filter colors that match the season and the same trunk cut out for each season.
    • Winter – no filter
    • Spring – light green lines spaced apart so there are spaces of white in between to show new growth; for cherry trees, pink and red
    • Summer – Combination of bright and dark green
    • Fall – Red, yellow, and orange
  • Use this project to demonstrate color mixing – only color with primary colors that touch but do not over lap. When you spray the filter the colors will mix and the secondary colors will appear!
  • Whatever you use this project for, remember to proudly display your child’s masterpiece!

Discussion suggestions:

Here is a list of things you can talk about while doing this project with your child:

  • This is a great Fall/Autumn project to do while teaching kids about the season or about the tree life cycle. 
  • If this is your child’s first time doing this project, turn it into a magic show. How can you get the color from this paper to this paper?
  • If you child is older and interested in science, you can use this as an example of chromatography!


While working on this project, your child will be practicing the following skills:

  • Fine motor
  • Eye-Hand Coordination 
  • Imagination and Creation
  • Color recognition and blending
  • Trees and nature
  • Discovery moment!