New year, New layout

I was looking at my calendar and thought to myself, “Could it be?!”

One year ago, as of November 2, Little Genius Projects was born. 

I blinked and a year has passed! But what a year it has been!

For those of you who have been with us, the website slowed down a lot because Life happened! I had a little boy in February and just haven’t been able to stop and smell the roses long enough to get any real work done! BUT now that the baby’s a little more independent and a little more mobile, I’ve come back with a vengeance!

About 5 weeks ago, I was able to start up my at-home preschool again, and you know what that means! PROJECT TIME! I’ve been creating more projects to go with weekly, three day lesson plans, focusing on numbers, colors, and letters. I’ve become more adept at the graphics design software I’m using, so you’ll start to see more and more templates, projects, games, and experiments make their way onto the site. 

You’ll see the layout is a little different with additional menus and pages to help organize things a bit better. You’ll also see more pictures with each project and better template organization.

Biggest update is the reappearance of our store!
The LGP store is powered by teacherspayteachers.com and I’ve recently been able to get my product postings up to 30! I added a page on LGP to showcase all of our original products to make finding and purchasing our resources easier.

Stay tuned to keep up-to-date on all our updates and please spread the word to all! =)

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