4 Awesome 15-Minute Family Fun Activities to Strengthen Family Bonds

There were so many times I thought good quality family time meant doing big weekend movie nights and family vacations. Over the years, I’ve discovered that while those things are really nice additions to help with quality time, your family relationships grow stronger when you do something every day. Daily time and effort spent working … Read more

Airshow Madness

This month seriously feels like it is flying by. I swear it was just Halloween, and now I am suddenly in the last week of school before Thanksgiving break. I’m not complaining, but it seems like we are flying through the end of this year at break neck speed! ​     This past weekend, my son … Read more

What happened to October?

Whew! This month was a hectic one! 10 million and four things to accomplish.. and I’ve completed almost everything on my list! So now, it’s a Friday night, and I’ve got that amazing let down feeling you get after a long stint of working your butt off. I can grab a glass of wine, open … Read more