The meaning of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is coming around again! Honestly this year has been a huge whirlwind of events. So much that the holiday season just snuck up on me! I blinked and bam! It’s Halloween and before I could take another breath, it’s Thanksgiving! As you know, I’ve been having a life changing journey of my own over … Read more

The importance of high quality preschool

I often hear people talk about what is developmentally appropriate for children. This especially gets thrown around for younger kids. Many experts like to say that toddlers and preschool aged children have no business doing academic skills or engaging in certain strategies to reinforce these skills. I agree that play based learning is the way … Read more

My Preschool

For those of you who have been with LGP all these years, you know this all began with the development of my preschool in 2010. What started as one student in my living room 3 days a week for 1 hour grew into a website, original projects and artwork design, the LGP store, and a … Read more