Collision of learning and play

      Today was the start of my after school tutoring group. This group consists of four boys who are five years old. They are struggling with learning letters and sounds, all of which I’ve taught in class. They are all making improvements, but some of them are taking longer. They are great kids with a … Read more

An open mind is a beautiful thing

     Confession time: When it comes to some things, I’m a perfectionist. (shocking, right?) If things don’t look right or feel right, I just can’t handle it. I like things a certain way and until I find my way, I obsess over it.      I’ve been a classroom teacher in my district for 10 … Read more

My Preschool

For those of you who have been with LGP all these years, you know this all began with the development of my preschool in 2010. What started as one student in my living room 3 days a week for 1 hour grew into a website, original projects and artwork design, the LGP store, and a … Read more

It takes a village

    Parenting and teaching are two of the hardest jobs that I’ve ever had. You would think that if you are good at one, you’d be good at the other since they both involve educating and raising tiny humans. I will admit that the two jobs do lend to each other. I know that being … Read more