What happened to October?

Whew! This month was a hectic one! 10 million and four things to accomplish.. and I’ve completed almost everything on my list! So now, it’s a Friday night, and I’ve got that amazing let down feeling you get after a long stint of working your butt off. I can grab a glass of wine, open the window and let that cool November breeze come in, sit down at my computer and think.. what the hell happened to October?

I have worked hard these last few weeks putting together new projects and final touches on products for LGP. On top of that, I have my day job of running a daycare out of my home. In addition and included in my daycare, I teach preschool to my kiddos and some extra kiddos three times a week. Much of what I do in my classes end up here on the this website. So I was a little surprised when I looked up from my work groove one day, patting myself on the back for another project well done, and noticed October 1st was now October 29th. Oh crap. I’ve done nothing for Halloween…. 

A lot people I know are SUPER into Halloween. They decorate their houses. Buy their candy in advanced. And know what costume they’re going to have in July. In my house, Halloween always seems to sneak up on us. I’m that person who sees other people getting ready for Halloween and I go into a Halloween denial. “No, It can’t really be Halloween yet. School just started and it’s just September. I’ve got time.” Then suddenly, I don’t have any time anymore and inevitably I get asked, “what time do you want us to show up at your house so we can take all the kids trick or treating?” My usual response is a long blink and “Is it really tomorrow?” Unfortunately, this year was no different.

For a split second my husband asked, “We don’t really have to do anything for Halloween right? I mean plenty of houses don’t give anything. So we can get away with it right?” I reminded him: We have a daycare in the house, and we’re a big house on a corner lot, in the busiest part of the neighborhood. All our neighbors know we have a daycare. We CAN’T get away with not celebrating Halloween. And what about the kids? I don’t want them to miss out. With as much as my husband adores last minute planning, I finally convinced him we could pull it off. I just had to figure out HOW I was going to do that. 

Now with one kid, it wasn’t too bad to run to the store real quick and dig a last minute costume out of the pile thrown on the bottom shelf. With four, it’s a little harder. Especially if you’re strapped for cash. So we decided we were going to attempt to resurrect old costumes and make new ones from the clothes and things we already have. Mix that with a little face paint, and Voila! we managed to squeak into Halloween readiness! 

….what about candy? crap.

It took me a minute to realize that in all this hype and hubbub of getting ready, my husband mysteriously disappeared. So about the minute I realized we had no candy, he comes flying through the door with a bag from Smith’s. “Candy?” He proudly holds up a couple family sized boxes of fruit snacks. “Sweet, cheap, and good for you! Daycare win!!” Nerdy high-fiving and chest bumping ensued. We were about to do the cabbage patch, but the doorbell rang with our first trick or treaters.

So, I got to take the kids out while hubs manned the fort. They got a good hour of walking around and we were pleasantly surprised how many neighbors were giving out candy this year! I got to be a proud pirate mama when I heard my littles’ perfect manners and squeals of fear and laughter. When we got home, we had our traditional Dancing in the Dark with Bubbles, Glow Sticks, and Kids Bop Radio. We don’t have screen on our windows, so we threw the windows open and let the bubbles fly out and greet other trick or treaters as they walked past the house. My favorite thing to hear are the little ones ask their parents “Can we go in there?!” 

With as busy and hectic as every day has been, this Halloween turned out to be the best Caramel Drizzle to end it. Look out November, here we come!

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